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Partner with Change Day.

Our partners make up a global network of Change-Makers; organisations and people who are committed to improving the health and care system for the frontline.

Here at Change Day we create opportunities for the health and care workforce to connect with ideas, platforms and events that will build the resilience and commitment to person-centered care.

Here are the benefits of being a Change Day partner.

  • Events convened throughout the year that bring local Change Makers together to learn from each other and to power change in health and social care. We see great things happen at these workshops.
  • Webinars and skype conferences where we introduce our partners to thought leaders we meet from across the world.
  • Connect with Change Day leaders all around the world, from British Columbia to Brazil.
  • Coaching Change Day Ambassadors to inspire others.
  • Collection and interpretation of information about the Change Day pledges within your organisation.
  • Publishing short blogs and photographs about real people in health and social care who are making a difference through Change Day.


You have to be achingly eager to do whatever can be done, within the limits of physics and economics, to raise the quantum of human happiness in the world.

Gary Hamel

Workshops and Masterclasses

Change Day, through freerthinking, is able to offer to our partners a substantially reduced fee for the creation and facilitation of workshops, master-classes and large events.

These classes include the School for Health and Care Radicals, Power of Story, Crucial Conversations, Patient-Centred Care Immersion experiences and arts in health events.

Subscription fees

To enable us to offer some equity between smaller organisations (less than 1,000 people) and very large organisations we offer a sliding fee.

To establish the fee for your organisation contact Mary Freer

More information

Find out about the energy for change and the positive cultural shift Change Day can provide for your workforce. Read our companion publication: Change Day: Creating Long-Term Change.