About Us

About Change Day

Change Day is a people led, accessible and energetic movement.

Change  Day is a social movement that invites the health and community care workforce across Australia to make a pledge to do one thing to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals; communities and the Australian health and community care system as a whole.

In our first year we gathered more than 15,000 pledges from across Australia and in 2016 we are confidently aiming to collect 50,000 pledges. We hope your pledge will be one of those.

Change Day Ltd. is a not for profit public company, limited by guarantee and governed by a Board of Directors.

Our purpose

  • To mobilise and energise people involved in health and community care in Australia to create better outcomes for individuals; communities and the Australian health and community care system as a whole.
  • To stimulate, engage and encourage people to believe they can make a difference wherever they are and whatever their roles in respect of health and community care in Australia.
  • To encourage and generate tangible support for positive changes to ensure equitable health outcomes and sustainable health and community care systems in Australia.
  • To connect compassion, care and joy with improvements in quality, safety, innovation and better health outcomes.

Our Team


Mary Freer, CEO and Director

Margaret Wheatley said “… it’s always true that these large powerful changes begin with only a few people who decide to help” This is how Change Day Australia started. Before long we will have gathered a wildfire of support. I want to be part of that.

Mary has contributed to Australia’s healthcare system reform in a variety of executive and leadership roles over the last 20 years.

Mary has worked with Health Workforce Australia, Healthdirect Australia, Premier and Cabinet in South Australia  and more recently as a consultant to health and community care services across Australia.

Mary is the Founder and CEO of Change Day Australia and works closely with Change Day leaders in many countries across the world to bring about global improvements to our health and social care systems.

Mary has a Bachelor of Social Work (Hons).


Prof. Michael Greco, Director

“Big things start small, and it only takes one person to change the world. That is why I’m committed to Change Day. We can all make a difference”

Michael Greco is one of the founding Directors and Chief Executive of Patient Opinion Australia which is a not-for-profit charity. In the UK, Professor Greco was Patient Experience Director for the National Primary Care Development Team, and he had a similar role with the NHS National Clinical Governance Support Team.

In Australia, he is a Director on a number of Boards including CheckUP Australia (formerly General Practice Queensland) and Health Leaders Australia.  He holds honorary professor and senior research fellow posts at the School of Medicine, Griffith University and the School of Medicine, University of Exeter (UK).

Michael’s academic background focused on healthcare, evaluation and clinical pastoral education, and includes a PhD in medical education and a Bachelor of Theology.


Andi Sebastian, Director

“I’m really pleased to be a Director of Change Day Australia. Many of us know Gandhi’s saying that we should be the change we wish to see but it can be hard to imagine doing that when we think big changes are needed.  Change Day gives health and community care workers the chance to imagine, pledge, and lead the changes we think are needed.”

Andi Sebastian is Strategic Initiatives Manager with the Royal Australasian College of Health Service Managers.  She has  worked with Health Workforce Australia and as an HIV/AIDS Consultant in Papua New Guinea.  She was General Manager of an Australian AIDS Council and of a Disability Complaints Service.

Andi has worked in the community and tertiary sectors and designed and led a consultancy business.

Andi has a Masters in Primary Health Care and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.