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Change Day is held in England; Northern Ireland; Scotland, British Columbia; Saskatchewan; the Netherlands; Denmark; Sweden; Finland; India, Jordan; Saudi Arabia; USA; New Zealand and Australia.

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NHS Change Day

In 2012 the NHS in England hosted its first NHS Change Day. This social media-based innovation was a huge success, with hundreds of NHS staff members, patients and volunteers submitting ‘pledges‘ to improve patient care within their health service. This is how Change Day started.

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HSC Change Day

Northern Ireland has its own Change Day. Everyone connected to health and social care services in Northern Ireland can make a pledge to change for the better.

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Change Day BC

The province of British Columbia is holding their first Change Day on the 15th October 2015. They’re aiming for 5000 pledges. We are cheering them along.

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Saskatchewan Change Day

Saskatchewan Change Day will be celebrated on the 5th November  2015. To mark the final 30 days of the campaign, the Health Quality Council (HQC) has launched an initiative called 30 Days of Collective Change.

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Change Day Netherlands

Change Day Netherlands will be held on the 12th November 2015.  This will be the second Change Day and we know it will be wonderful. 

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Change Day Sweden

Change Day is held on the 4th June in Sweden. The pledges are always inspiring and heartfelt. Read about their Pledge Stories on their website.

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Change Day Finland

Change Day Finland is all about inspiring action to improve the health and social care services.

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Change Day Jordan

HCAC Change Day is held on the 4th November 2015. In Jordan Change day asks everyone to participate and inspire others no matter how big or small the pledge is.

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Change Day USA

In 2015 the USA will hold their second 100 Days of Change Day . In their first year they reach almost 1800 pledges.

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Change Day New Zealand

We worked closely with Change Day New Zealand to help them create this inspiring Change Day which is held on the same day as Australia each year.

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Change Day Alberta

The first Change Day in Alberta will be held on April 4th, 2016 with the theme of “Make a Pledge. Start a Ripple”. All Albertans are being invited to make a pledge to improve their health or the healthcare system.

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